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Meet Carl C. Kimball III
CEO, Lead Designer

Design plans as per owners request as to what their needs are. Makes all drawings comply with local, County and State Building Codes as required by Building Department. Obtains all needed Engineering required to complete Blueprints and finish and complete Title-24 Design. Furthermore, Submit plans to City, County

I.C.B.O Combination Building Inspector
August of 1994 - June of 1995

Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Struical & Non-Struical Design Energy, Title-24 Design, (ADA) 1990 CA. Non-Residential Disabled Actions Regulations & Residential Designer

MT. Deablo Valley College

I.C.B.O Combination Building Inspector

August of 2003 - December of 2004

1997 U.B.C Structural Designer I.C.B.O Conventional Construction Provisions of the 1997 U.B.C Designer, ADA Compliance I.C.B.O Plans Examiner, Fire Inspector I & II I.C.B.O Dwelling Construction Designer Under the 1997 U.B.C Residential Energy Codes and Title-24 Designer

Orange Coast Community College

2001 California Building Codes CAL/DAG

2004 C.B,C., 2004 C.E.C., 2004 C.P.C., 2004 C.M.C., 2004 C.F.C., 2004 C.B.S. N.F.P.A Member #2292107 | I.C.C Member #5245334

I.A.P.M.O Member #101566 | Micro Member C.M.I #7716 and C.M.R.C #6659

California Energy Commission - 4/30/2007

Certified Energy Plans Examiner

Title-24 Designer, C.A.B.E.C Member - 2/7/2007 

Our Mission

We Aim to Build a Better World

AAA Blueprints and Design Solutions and its experienced professional drafters provide quality design and drafting services for all of your design and planning needs in the United States of America.


Our company brings with it superior work for a wide range of clients in the design, construction, and residential building industries.


Fast and efficient services, tailored to your community needs over 40 years experience.